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Starling bitchline

A quality bitchline - nothing you just buy

My bitchline was founded in 1988 when buying the most wonderfull bitch - multichampion multiwinner Deansgate A Penny Short 'Penny' in England. She was bred by Pamela McLaren from the world famous Deansgate Kennels in Sheffield. Though I was a completely new breeder Pamela trusted me a quality bitch puppy. Without this trust and opportunity I really don't know where I would have been today. Thank you Pamela ! Over the years gone I have searched and found the very best studs for my bitches - no matter where they lived - and how far to go. I have only chosen the very best, have never gone for second best in this choice. Today I'm breeding from an all-champion bitchline that goes directely back to Ch. Deansgate A Penny Short - and it has never ever dissapointed me. Type, elegance, soundness and wonderful temperaments. As a breeder it's one of the most vital tools to have in your breeding - a quality bitchline. 

USACH Penlan Privateer ' Higgins' 26.11.1988

INTCH DCH DKCH VHDCH KBSG90 BESG93 PZSG90 PLSG90 Deansgate A Penny Short 'Penny' 01.01.88

INTCH DKCH KLBCH BESG94 Starlings Miss Moneypenny 'Kaisa' 20.05.1992

From  the mating of Penlan Privateer 'Higgins' and Deansgate A Penny Short ' Penny' I kept Starlings Miss Moneypenny 'Kaisa' . Higgins was owned by Grethe Hansen, Soliman Kennels. Penny was from the worldfamous kennel Deansgate in Sheffield, England, and became the mother of 9 champions. 

INTCH DKCH KBSG BESG94 Starlings Miss Moneypenny Kaisa' 20.05.1992

SCH DKCH NORDCH KBHV98 Chelines El-Pescadilla ' Emil' Hoping for at better pic !

DKCH SECH NOCH NORDCH INTCH NORDV00 KBHV01 KLBCH Starlings Cavalleria Rusticana ' Callas' 03.03.1999

Starlings Miss Moneypenny was in Stockholm around newyear 1998 mated to Chelines El-Pescadilla and from that combination I kept CH. Starlings Cavalleria Rusticana 'Callas.' And her littersister CH.Starlings Carmina Burana. Callas was an outstanding bitch. She became the mother of 5 champions from only 9 puppies in 3 litters. She won a lot of BOBs and a lot of titles. A bitch to remember.

INTCH DKCH NCH SCH NORDCH NORDW2000 KBHV01 Starlings Cavalleria Rusticana 'Callas' 03.03.99

WW02 NCH Dialynne Leveller From Risepark 'Louie' 22.06.99

INTCH DKCH KLBCH SCH Starlings Impala 'Viva' 08.08.2002

From Norway in spring 2002 I had the great luck to have WorldWinner2002 NCH Dialynne Leveller From Risepark 'Louie' living with me for some months. Hilde Haakensen - Axcium Kennels USA - owned him, and trusted this great dog to me. He was mated to 'Callas' and the 8.th of August 2002 he gave me one of my best litters. 6 puppies from which 3 went champions. I kept Starlings Impala from this litter. Helle Gadeberg - Helars Kennels - had the opportunity also to have a litter in 2002 from Louie to a superb bitch Helle had from me -  INTCH Starlings Berwick-Upon-Tweed. From this litter I bought CH.Helars Noilly Prat. Lone Dahl bought a littersister to Noilly Prat -  CH.Helars Nappa Valley. From Nappa Valley in 2005 I bought CH.Schnauzer-Huset Romano 'Louis' - sired by GBCH SCH Wellingley Whats About It 'Henry'  

INTCH DKCH SCH Starlings Impala ' Viva' 08.08.2002

GBCH SCH & Most winning min.schnauzerdog in England 2001 Wellingley Whats About It 'Henry'

INTCH DKCH SCH KBHV05,06 BREEDWINNER DKK2006 Starlings Miss Marple *Megan* 05.11.04

From England in 2004 Liz Longdin - Wellingley Kennels - trusted me her darling 'Henry'. He was here in Denmark for several months and sired three outstanding litters. One to INTCH. Starlings Impala 'viva' from which I kept INTCh.Starlings Miss Marple 'Megan' . A litter of only one puppy from CH. Starlings Cavalleria Rusticana - INTCH DKCH KBHV 07,08 BREEDWINNER DKK 07,08,09 NORDW08 DKW 09,11 Starlings Narnia - owned by Lone Dahl Schnauzer-Huset kennels. The third litter was in 2005 organised for Lone to have from CH. Helars Nappa Valley and 'Henry' and from this excellent litter I bought INTCH. Schnauzer-Huset Romano ' Louis', and Lone kept CH. Schnauzer-Huset Romantica. Henry sired several topdogs during his stay in Denmark with me. Dogs that have been winning remarkably much for quite many years. Henry was an outstanding studdog -  his quality was not to doubt.

INTCH DKCH SCH KBHV05,06 BREEDWINNER DKK2006 Starlings Miss Marple 'Megan' 05.11.2004

FICH SECH EECH LVCH INTCH LTCH BALCH Axcium American Idol 'Sisu' 18.08.07

INTCH DKCH KNHV13 Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy 'Clara' 15.04.2010

In January 2010 I went to Finland with INTCH Starlings Miss Marple - 'Megan' - to mate FICH SECH EECH LVCH INTCH LTCH BALCH Axcium American Idol 'Sisu' to her. 'Sisu' lived with Nora Ylikyl√§ Cheantake Kennels. From this combination I had one of my very best litters of 6 puppies. 4 of them have gained the title of International Champion. I kept INTCH Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy 'Clara' . 

INTCH DKCH KBHV13 Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy 'Clara' 15.04.2010

NORDCH DKCH INTCH NOCH SECH KBHV13 DKV13 DKKV13 Forsis Salte Ordet Fritt 'Diesel' 17.04.2008

DKCH SCH KBHV16 Starlings Camelot 'Saga' 06.01.2014

In November 2013 INTCH. Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy was mated to the topwinning dog INTCH Forsis Salte Ordet Fritt, owned by Caroline Brodd Bj√∂rglund, Broddway kennels, Sweden. I kept CH. Starlings Camelot ' Saga' - and she has not dissapointed me so far. 

DKCHSUCH KBHV 16, 6x CACIB Starlings Camelot


DKKJCH Starlings Voulez-Vouz

From CH Starlings Camelot I was lucky to have Starlings Voulez-Vous 'Pigeon' fom Camelots last litter born 19.8.21. Pigeons father is INTCH SUCH DKCH NCH NORDCH Natinskees Bing Crosby