The News 2015-2011

TWO NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS ! The two CACIB winners from Rostock IDS 3.10.15 INTCH DKCH SCH KBHV11 Starlings Swan Lee ( right) & INTCH DKCH Starlings Saybia ( left). What a day !!

The last show of the year IDS HERNING 31.10/1.11

Starlings Camelot  'Saga' blev udstillet på årets sidste DKK udstilling i Herning d. 31.10 og 1.11. Hun vandt excellent, CK og 3.bedste tæve lørdag, og excellent, CK, res. cert., res.CACIB og 3.bedste tæve søndag. Dommere de to dage var M.Mrdak, Slovenien og J.Hindse DK

Starlings Camelot  'Saga' was shown at the last International DKK show of the year - Herning the 31.10 and 1.11. 
She won excellent, CK and bitch Saturday and on Sunday she won excellent, Ck, res.CC, res.CACIB and bitch. Judges the two dayes were M.Mrdak, Slovenia and J.Hindse DK. 

UDSTILLINGSÅRET 2015 blev ganske pænt for Saga.

Hun blev udstillet 10 gange ialt. Alle var DKK udstillinger. Hun vandt CK hver gang. Hun var placeret i 'Bedste Tæve konkurrencen' hver gang. Hun vandt Bedst i Racen 2 gange. Vandt 3 certifikater og 3 CACIBS. Nu venter vi på hun bliver 2 år, og kan vinde sit sidste certifikat til titlen Dansk Champion. Det er efter 6.1.16. 

The 2015 shows went quite well for Saga

She were shown 10 times. All shows were DKK shows. She won 'CK' ( certificatequality) each time, she was placed in Best Bitch every time, she won BOB twice, won 3 CCs and 3 CACIBS. Now we only awaits her 2 years bithday the 6.1.16 after which a won CC will give her the title of DKCH

Aston and Bellis win CABIB and the title INTCH

Rostock International Dogshow 3.10.15 judge: Breedspecialist Elke Arends, Germany

INTCH DKCH Starlings Saybia vinder sit sidste CACIB for titlen 'International champion' ligsom hans kuldsøster INTCH SCH DKCH KBHV11 Starlings Swan Lee. Begge bliver internationale champions på dagen. De to blev også danske champions på samme udstilling ( Roskilde IDS 12) som de har stået BIR og BIM på DKK Fredericia 2015. / INTCH DKCH Starlings Saybia wins the last CACIB for the title of International champion, like his littersister INTCH DKCH SCH KNHV11 Starlings Swan Lee did. Both win the title of International champion on that day. Those siblings won the danish championship at the same show ( Roskilde IDS 12) , as they have won BOB and BOS at Fredericia IDS 15.

Louis wins BOB puppy, and Saga bitch

Hillerød International Dogshow 20.9.15
Judge Horst Kliebenstein, G

Starlings Louie ( INTCH Kopycats Captain Crunch x INTCH Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy) 8 months old at the picture, shown at the 5 with at very nice critique from judge Horst Kliebenstein, Germany. 
korrekte farbe und behaahrung, typicher kopf mit gute augen und ohr, sehr schone oberlinie und rutensitz, brust fur den alter gut entwikelt, passende winklungen gut geschlossende pfoten, schon sehr sicher in der bewegung

Starlings Camelot 'Saga' vinder excellent m. CK og 4.bedste tæve.  /  Saga wins excellent, CK and bitch.

Masha wins excellent both days

DvK specialklubudstilling 8 & 9.8.15( judge: M. Kozlowska. P & Rob Douma, N)  

Starlings Miss. B. Haven 'Masha' (Intch. Axcium American Idol x INTCH. Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy) blev udstillet begge dage med excellent / Masha was shown both days winning excellent. Owned by Anne-Marie Hindsberg.

Sags wins BOB both days IDS BORNHOLM

VEJEN International DKK udstilling 20.6.15:

Starlings Camelot ' Saga' vinder 2. bedste tæve og CACIB Judge A. Beare / Saga wins 2.nd. best bitch and CACIB

BORNHOLM International DKK udstilling 15 & 16.8.15

Starlings Camelot 'Saga' vinder Bedst i Racen begge dage  /  
'Saga' wins BOB  BOTH days. Judges: L. Ramsing, DK and O.Staunskær, DK

Saga qualifies for CRUFTS dogshow 2016

Roskilde International DKK 12.4.15

Starlings Camelot 'Saga' vinder juniorklassen og kvalificerer sig til CRUFTS 2016 på  Starlings Huey vinder BIR hvalp/
Starlings Camelot 'Saga' wins the juniorclass and qualifies for CRUFTS 2016  Starlings Huey wins BOB puppy

BIR på årets første udstilling / BOB on the first show 2015

Kreds 10 national udstilling - årets første  den 4.4.15

DKCH Starlings Saybia ( til venstre) vinder BIR /  på 
DKCH Starlings Saybia ( to the left) wins BEST OF BREED at the first national DKK show this year 

BIM i Malmø/ BOS IDS Malmö 28.3.15

Malmö International SKK dogshow 28.3.15
Judge: Catarina Almroth, S

SCH DKCH KBHV11 Starlings Swan Lee ( INTCH Axcium American Idol x INTCH Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy) 'Bellis' vinder bedste tæve og BIM. Blev også SVENSK CHAMPION på dagen /
At the INT.dogshow in Malmö - Sweden CH. Starlings Swan Lee ( to the right)won Best bitch and BOS - and the title of Swedish Champion 

BIR og BIM på årets første internationale udstilling

Fredericia DKK International Dogshow 8.2.15
Judge: Helle Gadeberg, DK

Kuldsøskende vinder igen BIR og BIM / littermates win BOB and BOS - again :-)

BIR og BIM på årets første internationale DKK udstilling 
DKCH Starlings Saybia ' Aston'  BIR   
DKCH KBHV11 Starlings Swan Lee  'Bellis' BIM /
BOB and BOS at the first international dogshow this year. DKCH Starlings Saybia BOB ( to the left) and DKCH KBHV11 Starlings Swan Lee BOS

Saga vinder sit første certifikat, Saga wins her first CC

Fredericia DKK International Dogshow 8.2.15
Judge: Helle Gadeberg, DK

Starlings Camelot  'Saga' vinder 3.bedste p/s tæve med CERTIFIKAT / 
Starlings Camelot 'Saga' wins 3.rd best bitch and her first CC 


Clara international champion - new International Champion !

New International Champion at Kennel Starling  !

INTCH DKCH CPHW13 Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy 'Clara'
( INTCH FICH Axcium American Idol x INTCH DKCH SUCH DKKV06 Starlings Miss Marple)

2 x BOB at the International dogshow in Bleisweik in Holland the first weekend of November '14 - and shortlisted in the group. 

We are so proud of Clara - this happy and smart little dog🙂   She is the International Champion in my Starling bitchline

mid November '14 Clara will be mated to the beautiful and English bred PLCH Kopykats Captain Crunch   pedigree: 

Starlings Camelot ' Saga' vinder BIS hvalp - wins BIS puppy at International dogshow in Denmark

Starlings Camelot  'Saga'  wins BIS puppy at the International DKK Dogshow in Hillerød the of September '14. 

Saga is after INTCH DKCH SCH CPHW13 Forsis Salte Ordet Fritt x INTCH DKCH CPHW13 Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. 

Starlings Carlington - littersister to 'Saga'

This is Starlings Carlington 'Tinka' . Littersister to my Saga ( S.Camelot)  Looking very much foreward to show her - when the time comes. Loved and owned by Ditte Hede and Svend Erik Rosenstrøm, Hellerup.

'Louis vinder BIR på DKK Hillerød - Louis wins BOB at DKK IDS Hillerød Sept. 2014

DKK international dogshow 'Winner Copenhagen' of September 2014, judge: Tomas Rohlin, DK

Intch Dkch Such Fich Nordch Cph.Winner14 Schnauzer-Huset Romano ' Louis' wins Best of Breed - the second time in row from the veteran class 9 1/2 year old..

BIS puppy at International Dogshow

BIS puppy and BOB on the latest dogshow - International DKK Winner Copenhagen 20.09.2014

Louis vinder BIR på DKK Roskilde - Louis wins BOB at IDS DKK Roskilde

INTCH DKCH SCH FICH NORDCH Winner Copenhagen 2014 and Breedwinner DKK 2014 Schnauzer-Huset Romano ( GBCH SCH Wellingley Whats About It x DKCH Helars Napa Valley)

'Louis wins BEST OF BREED at Hillerød International Dogshow 'Winner Copenhagen' the September from the veteranclass. Thanks to judge Tomas Rohlin, DK

'Louis' wins BEST OF BREED at Roskilde International dogshow the of Mai 14 from the veteranclass ! 9 years old ! Thanks to judge Svein Helgesen, Norway

Clara, DKCH CPHWinner13 Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy wins BEST BITCH and BOS at the same show

Starlings Bantry Bay ( ACH Russkiy Assorti'c Irbis x DKCH Kbhv.13 Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy) wins excellent at Roskilde International Dogshow the of Mai '14. This was his first dogshow and he needs to practice a bit more for the next time :-) A super mover and a beautifull outline

Clara international Champion I Hannover - og BIR - Clara BOB and INTCH in Hannover

Best of Breed Hannover Int.dogshow 22.10.13                                           
DKCH KBHV13 Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy
( FICH.SECH EECH LVCH Axcium American idol x INTCH. DKCH SECH KBHV05,06 Starlings Miss Marple)

Clara has done well in 2013. She won her second CC at DKK Bornholm in August, and the last and final CC at DKK Ballerup the 21.9 - and the title of Winner Copenhagen '13.. At she SKK show at Sofiero, Sweden in September she won res. CACIB, and
in Hannover Germany at the VDH Hannover show in Octobre she won Best of Breed, and her second CACIB.

Topvindende Speedy i Italien - Topwinning Starlingdog in Italy

Speedy isn't sleeping his weekends away !!

Austrian Champion, Bundessieger 2013, Jahressieger 2012, Europasieger 2012, International Champion,Italian Champion, German Champion, Romanian Champion, Italian Club Champion, VDHchampion, Junior Jahressieger 2010 & Romanian Champion & BIS winner on a Schnauzerspecial in Schwitzerland
Starlings Westerley Conway 'Speedy' DOB 2009.09.16
(SUCH Ezüst Gránit Lightning x DKCH Starlings Que Sera Sera )
Owner: Luicella & Leonardo Kunderfranco, del Guidante Kennels, Italy

8.12.13 & 9.12.13
In Wels Austria, judge the G.Ehrenreich ( A)
Judge the S.Ehrenreich ( A)

4.5.13 & 5.5.13
In St. Gallen ( CH), jugde the D.Manter (E)
judge the L.Mach (CH)

in Saarbrucken, judge Edith Schön, D.
Congratulations to you Luicella..

International Show in Torino
Judge G. Guenther Ehrenreich
shortlisted in group 2


& BIS 3
at National all breed show in Seveso, Italy the of Mai.. fantastic result Luciella !!!

Few weeks before he is winning the title of
in Dortmund the of May - and the day after the last CC for the title VDHchampion. He IS amazing ! 

2011 has been and outstanding year for 'Speedy' Shown in Italy, Germany, Gibraltar and Romania winning 12 CACIBs and 12 BOB - and twice no 3 in the group.

Thank you ever so much Luicella for showing him so well and so OFTEN ! I'm SO proud of him...

2012 continues with the one BOB after the other !
And winning the GROUP and BIS 3 at a nat.dogshow in Mai !!!
Best of Breed - again😀
International Dogshow in Alessandriam, Italy
Judge: Roberto Schill ( Ro)

Best Of Breed
Sunday the of April.12 in San Remo, International Dog Show. Judge: Nataletti, Italy.

No 2 in the GROUP ! 
Mainringjudge: Paolo Dondina, Italy

Best dog the CACIB won & International Champion ! of March '12 in Offenburg. Judge: Birgit Bischoof (G)congrats... congrats.....congrats.....congrats....

Best dog & CACIB of January 2012 international dogshow in Padova. Judge: Adolf Ringer ( A)

Best dog & CACB
22.nd of January 2012 international dogshow in Montichiari, Italy. Judge: Lazic Suncida ( Srb).

Best dog
the of January 2012 on a schnauzerspecial. Judge J. Sanzhes, Spain

Best of Breed & CACIB
The of December 2011
    International dogshow in Erba, Italy. Speedy wins yet another BOB and again... no 3 in the group ! Judge for the breed and the group: Orietta Zilli, Italy.

Best of Breed & CACIB 
Sunday the of November 2011 
Speedy wins BOB & no. 3 in the group at the international dogshow in Cremona, Italy. Mainringjudge group 2: Ferrari, I.

Best of Breed of September 2011  inGibraltar, international dogshow Judge: Lisbeth Mach, Switzerland

Best of Breed & ROMANIAN CHAMPION of September 2011 in Targu Mures, Romania
International dogshow.
Winning the title of
Romanian champion
& qualifies for Crufts 2012
Judge: C. Margineanu ( R)

Best in Show
Speedy wins Best in Show in Arau Switzerland the of August 2011 on the Sieger of the Year show - 'CAC clubshau des SCSP and SRSC' the two swiss schnauzerclubs with an entry of 100 dogs. Judge of the dogs p/s Albert Probst, Germany. Judge of BIS A. Probst ( G) & Susanne Kaurek Austria .

Best of Breed & CACIB of May 2011 in Rende, Italy, international dogshow. 
judge: Nataletti Valerio, Italy

Best of Breed of May 2011 in Catanzaro, Italy, international
judge: Marino Pietro, Italy

Best of Breed of April 2011
in Terni, Italy, international
judge: Dott Nicola Imbimbo, Italy

Best of Breed of April 2011
in Chieti, Italy, international
Judge: Sonia Falletti , Italy

Best of Breed of March 2011
in  Modena, Italy, international
Judge: Martinez Angel Miguel, Argentina

Best of Breed of March 2011 in Offenburg Germany, international dogshow
Judge: Christine Rossier, Switzerland

Best of Breed of March 2011  in Mantova, Italy, international dogshow
Judge: Dott Sonia Falletti, Italy

Junior class result

BIS Junior & Junior Jahressieger 2010
June 2010, Saarbrucken, Germany

Puppy class results

BIS puppy
May 2010  Seveso, Italy, National dogshow
BIS 3 puppy
June 2010, Vercelli, Italy, National dogshow
BIS 3 puppy
June 2010, Torino, Italy, International dogshow

Louis vinder BIR og INTCH i Hannover - Louis wins BOB and INTCH in Hannover

Louis wins Best dog, BOS and the last and final CACIB for the title International Champion at the VDH dogshow in HANNOVER the of Octobre '13..
At the age of 8 1/2 years he is still fit for dogshows !

Louis wins BEST dog and BOS, CACIB and CC and the titles Finnish and Nordic champion the 29th of September '12 Åland, Finland. Many many thanks to Karin Wessén for showing my boy !

Starlings Kashmir vinder titler - Starlings Kashmir wins titles

International champion, German Champion, Czech Champion, Serbian Champion, Junior Czech Champion, National Winner 2011, BIS winner PSK show Mai 2012
Starlings Kashmir 
DOB 2010.04.15

Owner: Astronaut Kennel, Czech Republic 
Miroslava Sucha

Best of Breed and CACIB
4th of November 2012 IDS Prag
judge: Ernst Theisen D


3.rd of November 2012 IDS Prag
judge: Zuzana Jandová CZ,

Best of Breed and CACIB
22.nd. of July 2012 in Augsburg,
judge: Ernst Theisen

Best In Show of May 2012 at the PSK schnauzerspecial in Saarbrücken. Judge Horst Kliebenstein, D.

BEST DOG and CACIB of May 2012 at the int.dogshow in Saarbrücken. Judge: Helena Glänznerova

The of May 2012 Kashmir wins the title of Reginal Club Winner
Judge: Andrea Zaoralovea

BEST OF BREEDat the international dogshow in Wieselberg, Austria Sunday the of  April 2012. Judge: Glänsnerova, CZ. Congratulations Mirka !!

BEST OF BREED BOTH DAYES & CZECH CHAMPION ... no. 5 in the group Saturday - at the International dogshow Brno, Czech Republic the & of February 2012. Saturday no. 5 in the group, and Sunday winning the last certificate for the title of Czech Champion ! Judge Saturday: Eva Liljekvist Borg, Sweden - judge Sunday: Andras Polgar, Cz.

BEST OF BREED, WINNER Federal Club Show & Best miniature Schnauzer of September 2011 Federal club Show, CZ
Judge: Edith Schön, Germany

28.nd of August 2011  International dog show in Serbia - Obrenovac  Judge: Dušica Nenadic-Rebic! - Serbia

BEST OF BREED of August 2011 National Dogshow - Stapar, Serbia
Vladimir Žižakov - Serbia

BEST DOG AND NATIONAL WINNER of July 2011 National Dogshow - Mladá Boleslav CZ.
Judge: Ing. Jaroslava Slacková, SK
Mirecèk ( Kashmir ) is winning his first
BEST OF BREED of June 2011
International Dog Show in Czech Republic
judge: Petra Vodrazkova, CZ
Selected among the best 10 dogs in FCI group 2

Thanks Mirka - I'm SO proud !

AND his first title:
Junior Czech Champion of June 2011 National Club Show in Czech Republic judge Eva Vadosz, Hungary

BIS junior male of March 2011 Regional Club Show - Ceské Budejovice CZ Judge: Jaroslava Drožová CZ

BIS puppy on his very first dogshow ! of Octobre 2010
National Schnauzer Speciality, Mlada Boleslav CZ judge: Zuzana Jandová, Ulrike Schmidt Germany


INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION, Czech Champion, Serbian Champion, Junior Czech Champion STARLINGS KASHMIR

'Kashmir' is winning
BEST IN SHOW at the PSK schnauzerspecial in
the of May 2012.
Judge: Horst Kliebenstein

& the day after winning Best Dog and CACIB at the international dogshow in Saarbrücken. Judge: Helena Glänznerova.


Danish Champion Starlings Saybia  'Aston'

(FCH SCH LCH...Axcium American Idol x INTCH DKCH SCH... Starlings Miss Marple) Owned by Kirsten Hempler, DK.

At the Danish miniature schnauzer Clubs annual cupshow the of August '12


Starlings Miss B. Haven  'Masha'

(FCH SCH LCH...Axcium American Idol x INTCH DKCH SCH... Starlings Miss Marple)Owned by: Anne Marie og Lise Hindsberg, DK.

At the Danish miniature schnauzer
Clubshow the of August '12

Roskilde International 
5 & 6 may '12

Best of breed  saturday  
Falkendals Classic Calera 
DKCH SUCH KLBCH Årets Dværgschnauzer 2009 Schnauzer-Huset Romano x Starlings Kiri Te Kanawa opdrættet og ejet af Ewa-Marie Kärrhammer, Frövi, Sverige  GRATIS Ewa-Marie !

Best of breed  Sunday
And winning the last CC for the
Danish Championship

Starlings Saybia
FCH SUCH INTCH Axcium American Idol x INTCH DKCH SUCH KLBCH KBHV05,06, Breedwinner DKK 2006 Starlings Miss Marple. Ejer: Kirsten Hempler, DK
Best Bitch and BOS  Sunday
And winning the last CC for the
Danish Championship
KBHV 2011Starlings Swan Lee
FCH SUCH INTCH Axcium American Idol x INTCH DKCH SUCH KLBCH KBHV05,06, Breedwinner 2006 Starlings Miss Marple. Owner: Tove Aabenhus, DK

DKCH Starlings Saybia 'Aston'
 DOB 2010.04.15
( FICH. SECH. EECH LVCH Axcium American Idol  'Sisu'x INTCH. DKCH. SUCH KBHV05,06, DKKV06  Starlings Miss Marple 'Megan')
Owner: Kirsten Hempler, Virum, DK.


Aston wins the last and final ticket for the
Danish championship at the International Dogshow in Roskilde
the of May 2012. Judge: Mette Tufte, Norway.
(His littersister 'Swan Lee' wins as well the final ticket and BOS) 

Aston wins his second CC at the clubshow in Nyborg Sunday the of March 2012.. judge: Hans Lange, Germany.

'Aston' wins his first CC
2.nd best dog &
Club show Nyborg DK, the of May 2011
judge: Svend Løvenkær, DK

Danish Champion within a year, and only 2 years and 3 weeks old 😮

Winner Copenhagen 2011
Starlings Swan Lee
dob 2010.04.15
( FICH.SECH EECH LVCH Axcium American idol x INTCH. DKCH SECH KBHV05,06 Starlings Miss Marple)
Owner: Toven Aabenhus, Fredensborg


Bellis wins the last and final ticket for the
Danish championship at the International Dogshow in Roskilde
the of May 2012. Judge: Mette Tufte, Norway.
(Her litterbrother 'Saybia' wins as well the final ticket and BOB)

At the Clubshow in Hårlev, DK Sunday the of Octobre 2011
and 2.nd best bitch.
judge: Kitty Sjong, DK
Many thanks for the lovely Veuve Clicquot champagne Tove

& Winner Copenhagen 2011

DKK international dogshow of June 2011
Judge: Benny Bliid, Sweden

handled by the owner ! Very well done Tove
Littersister 'Clara' Starlings Dizzy Mizz Lizzy wins 2.nd. best bitch

Danish Champion within a year, and only 2 years and 3 weeks old !

DKCH Starlings Que Sera Sera ' Asta'
Asta wins her 3.rd CC to finish the Danish championship at the Danish Miniature Schnauzer Club Show the of
September 2011. Judge: Elizabeth Feuz, Switzerland.

Asta is the mother of the topwinning championdog Starlings Westerley Conway 'Speedy' in Italy, an
is after INTCH ... Starlings Narnia and DKCH Helars Noilly Prat. Asta is the 32.rd champion to her breeder.


INTCH DKCH CLUBCH BREEDWINNER DKK 2007,2008 & 2009 WINNER CPH 2007,2008 & 2009 NORDIC WINNER 2008, DANISH WINNER 2011 & TOP DOG in the breedclub 2008, several BIS at clubshows & GROUPPLACEMENTS at DKK international shows.
Starlings Narnia 'Aslan'
DOB 2005.04.20
( GBCH, SUCH, TOP MINIATURE SCHNAUZER DOG in UK 2001 Wellingley What About It x INTCH, DKCH, SUCH, NCH, NORDCH, NORDIC WINNER 2000, Winner CPH 2001, Club CH, TOP MINIATURE SCHNAUZER 2001 Starlings Cavalleria Rusticana)

Owner: Schnauzer-Huset Kennels /
Lone Dahl Nielsen, DK. 

Sire of several Champions, and the TOP  winning Miniatureschnauzer in Norway for 2010 - CH. Spumante Winnie Eccellenza

Aslan wins Best dog & BOS Herning & 6th.of November 2011 - and winner of the title 'Danish Winner 2011' on the of November 2011.

Also he wins BEST IN SHOW at the Hanseat-Hamburg Schnauzer Clubshow the 27th. of August 2011. BIS Judge:
Biro Ference

AND... BEST IN SHOW at the Danish Miniature Schnauzer Club show the of September 2011. BIS judge: Christine Rossier, Switzerland.  

GBCH Wellingley What Goes Around   'Oliver'
breed and owned by Liz Longdin, UK

Son of GBCH Starlings Tootsie To Wellingley and
Bygadsir Lets Get Serious at Starbound

'Half-Starling' wins the dog certificate and BOS at the SCGB show in England the of March.
155 miniatureschnauzers entered.
Judge: Ulf Bråten, Denmark.
Congratulations Liz !! Beautiful dog..

'Oliver' wins the final CC for the championship and BOB the 22.nd of May 2011.


Dutch youth Champion
Starlings Toy Story  'Lisa'
(USACH Regency Original Sin x INTCH DKCH SECH CLUBCH, WINNER CPH. 2005,2006 BREEDWINNER DKK 2006, BIS Winner 2006 Starlings Miss Marple)

Owner: Awsome Greys Kennels/
Claudia Nifterik, Holland

Needs only few points to finish the Deutch Championship

Mated to Ch. Axium American Idol  
puppies born of January